Administrative Team

Geoff McKee


Pamela Clappier

Assistant Principal

Tannysha Evans-Yearby

Assistant Principal

All Faculty & Staff

Ms. Badulescu – Math

Ms. Becraft – ESE and ESOL Coordinator

Ms. Bromberg – Math, Business

Ms. Bradley-Sayers – Cambridge Global Perspectives, ELA

Ms. Brophy – Foreign Language, Cambridge Elective

Ms. Carson – Advanced Placement and Cambridge ELA

Ms. Cerutti-Rogers– Advanced Placement and Cambridge Social Studies

Ms. Chancerel – Curriculum Support, Science

Ms. Clappier – Assistant Principal

Ms. Cohen – Cambridge Social Studies

Mr. Combrinck – Advanced Placement Capstone, Cambridge ELA, Cambridge Global Perspectives

Ms. Douglass – Advance Placement Elective, Physical Education

Mr. Everett – Electives, Cambridge ELA

Ms. Evans-Yearby – Assistant Principal

Ms. Figueroa – Math, Advanced Placement Science

Ms. Galassi: Cambridge Science

Ms. Garcia: ELA, ESOL

Ms. Gongora: Cambridge Global Perspectives, Advanced Placement Capstone

Ms. Guagno – Cambridge ELA, Elective

Ms. Guerra – Theatrical Arts

Ms. Gutierrez – Math

Ms. Harmon – Cambridge Social Studies, Physical Education

Ms. Hernandez – Advanced Placement and Cambridge Foreign Language

Ms. Jacobs – Receptionist

Ms. Jones – ESE Support, Technology

Ms. Larsen – Advanced Placement Art

Mr. Levine – Advanced Placement Science

Ms. Lorence – Advanced Placement and Cambridge ELA

Ms. Marino – Math

Mr. Martinez – Advanced Placement and Cambridge Math, Electives

Ms. Mazzella Di Bosco – Cambridge Social Studies, Math

Dr. McKee – Principal

Mr. McQuerry – Advanced Placement and Cambridge Social Studies

Ms. Montes Childs – School Counselor

Ms. Nicholson – College and Career Specialist

Ms. Norris – Athletic Director

Mr. Pariser – Cambridge Global Perspectives, Social Studies

Ms. Pena – Cambridge Foreign Language

Ms. Pineiro – ESE Support

Ms. Ratliff – Cambridge Elective

Dr. Rivera – Advanced Placement Science, Physical Education

Ms. A. Rodriguez – Foreign Language

Ms. M. Rodriguez – Advanced Placement Elective, Technology, Math

Ms. Sadler – Cambridge Science, Dance

Ms. Shaposhnikov – ELA, ESOL

Ms. Silver – Administrative Assistant

Ms. Stein – Advanced Placement Mathematics

Ms. Swannack – Cambridge Physical Education

Mr. Teste Lino – Math

Mr. Vasquez – Advanced Placement Math and Science, Research

Ms. Weinberg – School Counselor