Principal Geoff McKee, Ph.D.

Don Soffer Aventura High School

Principal's Message

Dear Members of the Don Soffer Aventura High School Community,

Welcome to Don Soffer Aventura High School (DSAHS)! I am honored to join our students, their family members, teachers, and loved ones in a two-part mission. Part one is to make the high school years the most terrific years of our students’ lives to date. Part two is to equip our students to make each future year even better. Here are some essential elements of this mission:

  • Students experience TOP excellence, found at the intersection of each student’s greatest “T” for talent, “O” for opportunity, and “P” for passion.
  • Support is provided for each student to take every course on the most challenging level that students can manage.
  • Students have the opportunity to complete course requirements for the University of Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma, as well as the College Board Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma.
  • Extracurricular and athletic involvement is celebrated for student growth, and to develop resumes that impress college admission officers and scholarship judges.
  • Students learn to formulate and clearly communicate sophisticated ideas verbally and in writing.
  • Students develop the preparation and execution strategies necessary to generate a peak performance when it matters most in all areas of life, including standardized testing.
  • Students advocate for themselves and others if ever support is needed or injustice is perceived, and all members of our community listen.

Considering what an amazing school community we have, it is reasonable to anticipate magnificent outcomes: The DSAHS graduation rate will be 100%; DSAHS will earn elite national ranking through the Washington Post’s Challenge Index Score and “A” ratings each year from the Florida Department of Education; the number of students earning National Merit Recognition will rival Florida’s top high schools; and our graduates will be prepared to attend elite universities, thrive in their careers, and become global leaders.

Thank you for joining me in helping our students achieve their greatest potential while affirming every day they are worthy of our complete respect, kindness, and devotion just as they are.


Principal Geoff McKee, Ph.D.
Don Soffer Aventura High School