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Applying to Don Soffer Aventura High School



Regarding Open Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year:

  • Open Enrollment for new students. Current DSAHS students do not apply online. Only new applicants need to apply.
  • All applicants have an equal opportunity for admission regardless of when the application is submitted in the enrollment window. Applications will be accepted for all grade levels.
  • If your application is not submitted within the Open Enrollment window, your application will be positioned on the waitlist in the order in which it is received.
  • When the number of applications received within the open enrollment period exceeds the number of seats available, a lottery will be conducted to determine admission.
  • After February, applications will continue to be accepted and admission will be offered based on the order in which the application is received, and other criteria described below.
  • All students applying must have passed Algebra 1 prior to beginning of the 2024-2025 school year.

Application Process:

  • Families will be notified within 14 days of the close of the initial enrollment period if their student has been accepted or if a lottery will be held.

If a lottery is required, preference for admission will be prioritized as follows:

Group 1: Sibling Attending

  • Does the student have a brother or sister currently attending the school? YES

Group 2: Aventura Resident

  • I am the parent/guardian of this applicant and they reside with me at my residence within the City of Aventura. YES

Group 3: Employee Child

  • Is one of the parents or guardians employed at Don Soffer Aventura High School? YES

Group 4: Miami and Non-Aventura Resident

  • I am the parent/guardian of this applicant and they reside with me at my residence within the City of Aventura. NO
  • What county does this student live in? Miami-Dade


Applications for new students who have siblings currently attending the school must apply within the open enrollment period to receive the appropriate preference for admission. When submitting an application for a new student that has a sibling currently attending please be sure to mark the appropriate box on the application so that your children are linked and are afforded the sibling preference for admission.

Applicants offered admission to the school will be sent a Letter of Offer with a time frame in which to accept or decline the seat. If a response is not received within the time frame, the offer will be rescinded and the applicant will be moved to the waitlist based on the expiration of the offer date.

Aventura residency preference is only offered to applicants who reside in Aventura one calendar year prior to the lottery. Those who did not reside in Aventura on or prior to February 22, 2023, will not receive preference. Please be advised that applicants who receive a preference for admission based on the statements made on their application will be required to provide verifying documents at the time of registration and must submit an affidavit confirming their place of residence. Those unable to provide documentation will forfeit their seat or residency preference. 

Aventura residents are required to provide ALL of the following documents:

*NOTE: Documents must match the legal guardian or parent on the birth certificate.

  • a current driver’s license
  • a utility bill
  • a lease or deed

Don Soffer Aventura High School admits students of any race, color, national origin, religion, or gender.


Required documents to finalize enrollment

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  • Birth certificate
  • Parent/Guardian driver’s license
  • Immunization
  • Physical (list form and specifics)
  • Exceptional Education documents (EP, IEP, 504, ESOL), if applicable
  • Custody court documents, if applicable

Enrollment FAQs

How can I find out information about your school?
Please call the DSAHS main office for information regarding upcoming Open House sessions.

May I list all my children on one application?
Please complete a separate application for each one of your children. Each child’s application becomes part of their registration in our student information system. Be sure to list the siblings within each application to receive sibling preference.

If my child is a current student, do I need to apply again?
No, your child automatically has a space in the appropriate grade if the Intent to Return for the next school year is completed by the deadline.

If I have one child who currently attends your school and I would like my other child to attend, what should I do?
You need to fill out an application during open enrollment for the other child. Please remember to list the currently enrolled student under the “sibling attending” section to receive sibling preference.

Open Enrollment has ended, am I still able to apply?
We accept applications and enroll students from the waitlist when vacancies arise throughout the school year.

I am currently on the waitlist. Does the waitlist expire once the lottery is run or does it carry over?
Applications are year specific. Applications submitted for the current school year will not be valid, roll over, or be processed in the next school year. If your child is currently on the waitlist, please submit a new application during the next school year’s Open Enrollment period.

If my child is on the waitlist, do I need to contact you to find out where he/she stands on the list?
Parents can log in to the SchoolMint Dashboard at any time to find where their child is on the waitlist.

My child is on the waitlist but has moved down a spot. How is this possible?
Undoubtedly this is frustrating. We follow the preferences permitted by the state (sibling, Aventura resident, DSAHS teacher, etc.). For example, when one sibling is accepted and has another sibling waitlisted in another grade, that waitlisted sibling gets an enrollment preference, meaning they move to the top of the waitlist.

Is there a tuition fee to attend?
No, we are a public school and there is no cost to attend.

Does my child need to wear a uniform?
Yes, uniforms must be purchased from our uniform vendor and worn on school days, unless a dress down day is declared for a school spirit event. More information regarding our dress code can be found on our website under the Parents tab.

Does your DSAHS provide transportation?
Bus service is provided for students who reside in Aventura and live more than two miles from school.

Student Capacity


Below is our student capacity/seat availability, by grade level. We are required to update this information every 12 weeks–please note that the capacity number may change during the 12-week period as family members may withdraw or new families apply.

Regardless of current availability, we suggest you apply if you are interested, so you may be added to the school’s waiting list.

You can submit your application here.

Grade Level Seat Availability

  • 9th grade:  0 open seats
  • 10th grade: 14 open seats
  • 11th grade: 0 open seats
  • 12th grade: 0 open seats

As of Dec. 19, 2023